Electric Transport – Today’s “Future Cars”

When I was in school, there was a awesome vehicle in my town. Anyone could discriminate it easily. Very unique small white car was having only two seats, unlike others with at least four seats commonly seen on Indian roads back then.

REVAi electric vehicle Credit: Wikipedia

Later I came to know it was Reva! That Reva was battery powered vehicle. A Bangalore based Reva Electric Car Company was co-founded by Chetan Maini in 1994 with joint ventures from USA. Mr. Maini studied Mechanical engineering in USA and till now has many awards for entrepreneurship and patents for energy managements for electric vehicles. He started company with the vision of stopping the climate change. Till March 2011 Company had marked sell of 4000. Since mid 2010 Mahindra bought major stake in Reva it is now Mahindra Reva Electric vehicles Pvt. Ltd. The latest Press-Release states Company inaugurated new plant which has solar energy and water conservation systems in it and is lit by energy efficient LEDs. Company had already introduced new technologies like car running on solar energy, 15 minutes charging time to run 25km and power the house on energy generated by car. As reported by HT last week, brand new Reva NXR is expected to be launched in November and company is going to set-up 50-200 charging stations per city! Target is to sell 10 thousand cars per year. A car has four seats and has either lead acid or lithium ion batteries.

Electric Vehicles – Model S and Roadster
Credit: Tesla Motors

Well, in the west Elon Musk’s (@elonmusk) Telsa Motors head-quartered in Silicon Valley – Palo Alto California, has reached mark of thousand bodies of Model S electric vehicle.Model S car runs about 480 kilometers per charge with the speed of 88km/hour. Whereas existing Reva models can run 80km to 120km. Tesla’s another vehicle Model X’s deliveries are expected in 2014. (Do check this webpage! See its falcon wings!) Model X has three-row seats and will come in two battery option 60 kWh and 85kWh. It is combination of SUV and Minivan. Tesla motors also has sports car named Roadster which is sold out in North America. Other than Tesla motors Mr. Musk is known for his organizations SpaceX – private rocket and spaceship launchers, Paypal.

Mr. Musk tweeted this pic – ““V proud of Tesla team for completing 1000th Model S body. More cars made this month than entire rest of year ””

All in all, the future cars will surely be running on electric power with great efficiency. May be this power is generated from solar energy. So it should not be greedy to fantasize about public transport vehicles running on electricity rather on renewable energy!

Credit: Tesla Motors


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