Treasure in Kudal

Every year my childhood holiday plans were used to be same! During my schooldays I spent all summer and Diwali vacation at Solapur. My Grandpa’s place! All my relatives are located there, so there used to be lots of ceremonies and I enjoyed those things with my cousins. But since I took up engineering course in college, there are always clashes in examinations and other’s vacation. So this time I somehow managed and went to my Ajol (आजोळ) after many years!

I attended marriage ceremony of my cousin brother. After that I and other family members travelled around 600km in two days visiting almost 8 places some in Maharashtra state and some in Karnataka state. There is a lot to tell about it but I am going to share the most interesting thing in my trip.

Kudal Sangameshwar

Sangameshwar Temple of Lord Shiva my family always visits. It is said that on the day of Gudi Padwa i.e. first day of lunisolar Hindu Calender, rising Sun’s rays directly fall on Shivling through five doors. (In some references it is mentioned – day is Mahashivaratri. So I will write another blog in future when I check it by myself!) Beside this temple there is one more interesting thing, I am very excited to tell about.

Temple (2)

Harihareshwar Temple is found in excavation at Hattarsang-Kudal (Google map) in Solapur district, Maharashtra state where the river Bheema confluences with Seena. The information board there states – This temple was built in 11th century (1018 AD) at the time of Chalukyas of Kalyani. It is one of the ancient temples in Maharashtra state. In Solapur Harihareshwar is only temple where Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshiped together. Shivling found here in excavation, is called as बहुमुखी शिवलिंग. Height is 1.99meters, circumference is 4meters and weight is 4000 kg. It has 359 faces of Shiva and other few gods!

Shivling -बहुमुखी शिवलिंग

Temple has various sections like – Mukhmandap, Ardhmandap, Rangmandap, Antaral, Garbhgriha. (मुखमंडप, अर्धमंडप, रंगमंडप, अतंराळ, गर्भगृह). There are no evidences of cement and sand in the building of temple. Main features of temples are sculptures, design and architecture of Garbhgriha. Many sculpts are lying in and around the temples. Attractive things in the temple – Idol of Lord Kalbhairava, few sculptures fitted in the ceiling – a woman having one face and five bodies, lord Krishna playing with Gopiyas. Sculptures of Kaliyamardan, snakes, design on the walls and pillars are fascinating.

sculpture in the ceiling
sculputres lying outside the temple
There were many enthralling things but because I never studied archaeology, I could not gather more information. Well now, I should probably study little bit about Archaeology!! 🙂


One thought on “Treasure in Kudal

  1. hello, i happen to be from solapur and am co-convener intach solapur. it is nice to see u take such interest. next time u are in town u may contact us at, intach strives to make people understand the importance of historical sites and appreciate heritage. may be we can help u explore some more places.

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