February 2012

I won’t forget February 2012 throughout my life. The start of the month was with the dilemma of taking new task which could have been important in my career OR to go with traveling plans made almost two months back. The first week almost went in deciding ‘what to do?’ But with the suggestions by my parents I decided to travel!

The first destination was Solapur, around 250km away from Pune. The reason was marriage ceremony of my cousin brother. After marriage it is customary for married couple to visit holy place of kuldevata and other god/goddess. So with them I and other family members traveled around 600km in two days visiting almost 8 places some in Maharashtra state and some in Karnataka state.

The day I came back from Solapur I had to catch train to Nagpur which is around 900km away from Pune. From Nagpur I went to Anandwan located in Warora, Chandrapur district. Anandwan is known for Late Baba Amte – great social worker who worked a lot for Leprosy patients. I stayed there for 3 days which I think are very less to understand Anandwan. During my stay at Anandwan I also went to Tadoba forest which is famous for tigers.

From Nagpur I went to capital of India, Delhi. In Delhi I traveled with Metro train for the first time in my life! There I got to see President’s House, Parliament of India, two world heritage sights and several other tourists’ spots. From Delhi I returned to Pune around 1600km journey by Indian Railway!

So next 3-4 posts will be about the places I visited and how traveling made February special. Stay tuned!!


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