Two ISS sightings today evening

There are Two ISS sightings today evening

Data is collected from SATELLITE SIGHTING INFORMATION  and exact Az/Alt is taken from Stellarium software.

Location entered in Stellarium: Pimpri – Latitude N 18° 37′ 12.00″ Longitude E 73° 48′ 0.01″


First is quite difficult to catch because maximum elevation in sky is 14°. Although time interval shown is about 8 minutes, it won’t be visible for whole 8 minutes.  Light pollution and tall buildings in city may block view of horizon. If you have clear sky you can get to watch both pass-by for couple of minutes.

Event Time Altitude Azimuth Altitude in Km
Approach 18:08 3° – just above horizon 180° – exact South 407
Maximum elevation  in the sky 18:12 14° above horizon 123° – somewhere between South and East 403
Departure 18:16 3° – just above horizon 71° – between East and North 401


Looking at timings and watching Stellarium I can say, as soon as bright Venus touches horizon at West, ISS will approach from same direction.

Event Time Altitude Azimuth Altitude in Km
Approach 19:45 6° – just above horizon 251° – near West 403
Maximum elevation  in the sky 19:48 21° above horizon 318° – somewhere between West and North 401
Departure 19:51 6° – just above horizon 11° -near North 399

Try to watch and greet ISS.


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