Pain and Courage


Piles of it were residing deep down in my heart..

And often it was coming out as troops marching out one by one, bleeding my heart so heavily.. pumping my heart so heavily that its vibes were so scary that I as a whole body collapsed completely.

Looking back now it seems

The fate, the destiny and the efforts never came across each other at the same time, and it pushed me into the deep valley of Pain, sorrows, defeat and betray.

Courage and efforts these are my two my best companions and mind, emotions were also with me.

I fought. — fought like anything.. Courage and efforts were my guides in this battle. I overlooked remaining two companions.

Days pass by..

And at this moment it is full silence…

Is this a place which is called as Pleasure, success, win??



But now.. Emotions are asking me — Am I on the verge of getting over it.??

The comfort and the satisfaction are here and Am I in the Heaven?


Now Mind takes control over me.

Is it going to be start of new era..?? Is it going to be true start of the New day, New Life indeed?

And if it is so, will I be able to withstand against challenges coming on the way?

Because the level of challenges goes on increasing as anyone moves further to grab the opportunities and lead towards to destiny..

And what about the dreams I sacrificed till date in this journey of battle?

What about the wounds I faced in this battle? Who is going to heal it?

What about the desires I suppressed down under the way towards destiny, never to be raised up again till I reach the goal? They all will be dead before I come to serve it?

Is the “Time” only can answer to all Questions?

Well, well, well….

*Again Courage back in the form and says*

“I am looking forward to you Mr. Time..!”


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