Vedic Mathematics

What is the thing you are scared of?? Since my childhood I am scared of Mathematics. 😛 Even today I am on the verge of becoming Graduate in Engineering, long, complex and scary problems of mathematics freaks me out.

Yesterday evening one of my friends, Onkar Asalekar came to my place and took me to a public lecture – “Vedic Mathematics” by Ms. Megha Shah (Charted Accountant). When we reached there I was shocked to see people were enjoying lecture.

About Vedic Math according to hand out given during lecture:

Late Shankaracharya of Govardhan is regarded as modern day architect of Vedic mathematics. Based on the 16 simple Sutras (Formula) Vedic Math is considered as the fastest and shortest means to solve various mathematical problems.

Vedic math has many advantages over the conventional method of solving math problems. There are many features of Vedic math which explains the superiority of the subject, but one thing which I experienced is – techniques used in this math are very interesting which students will find enjoyable and will reduce the fear of math in students. (Hope so! 🙂 )

I am trying to write down and explain few methods with help of images.

Perfect base number: a number which is close to a number formed by “1 followed by o”. Example – 10, 10000, 99999, 11

There are two types of methods to solve the math problems

  • Conditional
  • General


1. Subtraction: If a number is perfect base number

All from 9 last from 10

For school going children subtraction of large numbers may find difficult to solve.

It takes lot of time to solve following example with conventional method borrowing from left place, subtracting and finding answer from “left to right”.

This method gives answer from “Right to Left”.

Subtract all number from 9 and last number (unit’s place) subtract it from 10.

So Simple!

2. Multiplication of perfect base number:

Consider example – 244 multiplied by 11, answer is 2684.

Conventional method requires at least three steps, two steps of multiplication and one step of addition.

Now using Vedic math

  • Insert one Zero (0) to leftmost side of  Multiplicand.
  • Copy unit’s place as it as in the answer (Result/Multiplication).
  • Now add units place with left side number (tens place) write addition in the answer.
  • Go on doing same process to left most number.

Answer is right there!

3. Multiplication of large numbers:

Consider example 89765 multiplied by 99999 answer is 8976410235

Isn’t it too much complicated?? …No!

Using Vedic math technique is calculated in two parts, Part I and Part II.

  • First part of answer is calculated as
  • Part I = multiplicand minus 1.
  • Part II = each number from Part I is subtracted from 9 and written in “left to right” fashion.

Another example

453 X 999 = 452 547

That’s all I have now.

Thought I don’t know about the depth of this vedic mathematics, still these few tricks are surely fun to use!


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