Science Day 2011

Roaming in the city bunking college is everyones routine. Yesterday I bunked college unit test and attended science day’s public outreach program at IUCAA, Pune.

I missed morning sessions where scientists from Girawali observatory talked to people at IUCAA on video conferencing. I reached there around 2:30pm when quiz session was going on. Chadrashekhar hall was full of student enjoying it. Mr. Luke Chamandy, Research Scholar was conducting sessions asking student students various questions and presenting awards. I think this is the platform which helps to ignite  minds of students to study and learn Science. I didn’t see any fear in there eyes when they were on the stage answering questions, I must say all were fully confident.

“Ask a Scientist” is very popular sessions of IUCAA. This time Professor T.  Padmanabhan and Professor  Jayant  V.  Narlikar were on the stage to answer questions asked by people. The first, most interesting question was What is Narlikar’s opinion about life in the universe other than earth? Where he explained todays capabilities to observe the planets in galaxies. Some the basic elements in our DNA are found on the planets atmosphere which increases probability of existence of life in the universe. He also mentioned his project about findings of extra-terrestrial bacterias in upper atmosphere of the earth. He discussed about the time travel, collision with comet why he do not consider Astrology as science.

Professor T.  Padmanabhan and Narlikar together addressed students should  take Research field into consideration as career. Further he explained concept  of black hole in very simple manner. He talked about 2012, expansion of the universe, why Pluto is now called as Dwarf Planet?

Out side there were some stalls where students projects, NCRA’s radio set-up, small Aeromodelling helicopters put their exhibits.

In the last lecture Professor  A.N.  Ramaprakash,  Associate  Professor presented “Element Wars – Return of Carbon” wherein he spoke about last years Noble in Physics. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”.

In all science day was really happening, hope one of the student would be a scientist next Science Day and conduct a session in Public Outreach Program!


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